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Assortment of goods at Onggi
Hi there

Let's be fermentation friends!

An everyday fermentation shop & food counter in Portland, Maine. All are welcome.

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Onggi is a neighborhood spot to explore ferments and foods. We've got cultures, recipes, and stories to inspire the everyday.

The shop carries everything you'll need to start your next ferment. Plus the most delicious small-batch ferments from our favorite (and mostly local) makers.

The food counter features a fermentation-forward menu of snacks, showcasing fun and familiar ways to enjoy our favorite ferments.

Fermentation products from local makers
come on in!

Our shop & food counter

We’re here for ya, Portland. Come say hi and grab a tasty treat from our food counter during our regular open hours.

Open hours
Wed - Sat: 10AM - 6PM
Sun: 10AM - 4PM

93 Washington Ave, Unit 5
Portland, ME 04101
(We’re the shop with “Onggi” all over it.)

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The food counter

Featuring a ferment-forward menu, we've got coffee and snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Current menu
• Brown sugar milk iced coffee
• Chai Wallahs of Maine iced chai
• Vinegar shrub sodas
• Hot coffee and teas
• Sourdough chocolate chip cookies
• Kimchi hand pies
• Miso scallion scones

Sourdough chocolate chip cookies

And shop online!

We have a portion of our fermenty stuff available online for shipping straight to the comfort of your sofa.

Hopefully shopping here will feel a little like coming into the shop to chitchat with your fermentation friends (us).

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Week of 12/29

Holiday break

We're taking a holiday break

Our team is taking a little break to rest and recharge for the new year. We'll be closed this week and re-opening on Wed, the 5th.

Happy new years! Thanks for making our first year so magical.

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Holiday hours at Onggi

What's an onggi?

We’re named after the ubiquitous Korean fermentation vessel found in nearly every home called onggi (it’s pronounced “OHng-gih”, like mixing “only” with “eggy”).

Onggi (옹기) pots carry a rich yet humble history, perfected over generations of craftsmanship using natural materials and thoughtful work. They are famous for their fermentation-friendly properties and the foods they carry are the foundation of everyday life.

Onggi by Adam Field

Photo of onggi jars by our friend Adam Field in Helena, Montana.