Food Menu!

Daily fermenty offerings to satisfy the senses. Everything made in-house!


Baked fresh daily and available starting at 10AM until sellout.

✿ Sourdough chocolate chip cookie
✿ Hojicha butterscotch oat cookie
✿ Matcha & black sesame butter mochi
✿ Miso scallion scone with chili crisp butter
✿ Kimchi cheddar souffle
✿ Kefir chocolate banana bread
✿ & other fun specials!


Easy grab & go Korean seaweed rice rolls, starting everyday at 11:30AM until sellout. Made with a variety of pickled veggies, choice of protein, and seasoned rice. Served with two vegan sides. Always gluten-free!

✿ Shio koji chicken & gochujang
✿ Kalbi glaze tofu (vegan)
✿ Chili crisp tuna salad
✿ & rotating specials!


Refreshing beverages available all day long! Coffee from Jeong & 44 North. Teas from Kettl & Chai Wallahs.

✿ Hot coffee & cold brew
✿ Brown sugar milk iced coffee
✿ Tea latte (hot/iced): matcha, hojicha, or chai
✿ Meyer lemon shiso shrub
✿ Hot tea: sencha green, yame black, soba cha

Sourdough chocolate chip cookies at Onggi
Kefir chocolate banana bread at Onggi
Gimbap at Onggi
Drinks at Onggi