Chili Moromi Sauce

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Chili Moromi Sauce

150 ml  •  Moromi

Moromi is the mash pressed to make soy sauce. But instead of pressing it, add cayenne and let it ferment to a deep, malty sauce.

Soybeans, wheat, water, salt, cayenne peppers, koji

We love it!

The umami of soy sauce, with a peppery kick.

This is that shoyu you bring home to meet your mom. Moromi's got a special thing going, brewing small-batch soy sauce here in the states.

This hot sauce is made with the moromi (soy sauce mash) from Moromi's shoyu, fermented with cayenne. It's a deeply savory and vibrant sauce that'll continue to ferment in your fridge. Use as you would with any hot sauce, with the friendly flavor of shoyu.

About the Maker





Bob Florence uses his experience training in Japan to make deep and rich shoyus here in the US.

His inventive additions of moromi-based hot sauces have us buzzin'. Umami overload!

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