Wild Maine Blueberry Cider Vinegar

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Wild Maine Blueberry Cider Vinegar

12 oz  •  Ewing Fruit Co.

A vivacious vinegar showcasing the peak essence of Maine wild blueberries. Fruity, bright, and irresistible!

100% MOFGA certified organic wild Maine blueberries

We love it!

The essence of summer in Maine, year-round.

Ewing Fruit Co harvests their bluebs in the beauty of Lincolnville, and that aesthetic finds its way into each bottle.

Sometimes we want blueberry, but like real blueberry - you know? This vinegar captures the character of chomping on a handful of those cute cobalt berries. It's perfect for refreshing beverages and dressings, but our very favorite is along with roasted veggies and pork.

About the Maker

Ewing Fruit Co.

Ewing Fruit Co

Ewing Fruit Co.


Does it get more Maine than wild blueberries? John Grote & Arla Casselman make sure we can enjoy those blueberries year-round with their work at Ewing Fruit Co.

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