Made in Maine

| Written by Margot Mazur, photos by Marcus Im
Made in Maine

We’re proud to continually source an excellent stock of local Maine-made products by makers who inspire us with their dedication, creativity, and passion for food. At Onggi, we’re always bringing in new products that center the people of our home state. From salts and seaweeds to vinegars and hot sauces, Maine has some of the most exciting products out there, focusing on what’s native to our woods and seas. Dig into some of our local shop faves:

Maine Sea Salt Pouch, Maine Salt Farm

Gulf of Maine sea salt makes everything better. It’s not just salty—this sea salt enhances the flavor of your dishes with natural umami and builds upon a deep tradition of sea salt farming in New England. The owners—two couples by the name of Rauscher and Cary—collect their seawater from the Gulf of Maine, filter it, then dry it in evaporation houses using the sun as their dehydrator with no added compounds whatsoever. Members of organizations like 1% For The Planet and New England Ocean Cluster, Maine Salt Farm walks the walk by putting 2% of all sales back into local and environmental causes, like supporting Maine Coast Fisherman’s Association and SeaTrees.

Wild Maine Blueberry Sriracha, Ewing Fruit Co.

Maine’s wild, or low-bush, blueberry is an ancient fruit, one adapted to the barrens left by glaciers that receded from Maine 10,000 years ago. Wild blueberries are more than just sweet—they’re much smaller than you’re used to, earthy, tart, and complex in flavor. Ewing Fruit Co, a 70 acre certified organic farm in Warren, knows how special this fruit can be. John Grote and Arla Casselman give this wild blueberry hot sauce a ton of fruity flavor and a hair of sweetness. 

Maine Beekeeper Wildflower Honey, Swan’s

Swan’s wildflower honey is a local staple made in Albion, Maine. This honey has tons of flavor with a luxurious creamy texture and unparalleled quality. Made by beekeeping experts whose family farm is over 100 years old, the Sennetts are dedicated to supporting their local farmer community, offering beekeeping classes, starter bees, equipment, and even pollination services! 

Quincannon Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Eden Acres Farm

Beautifully crisp and laser focused flavors grace this organic apple cider vinegar from our friends at Eden Acres Farm, located under 30 minutes from our shop in Waterboro, Maine. Eight years ago, Bryan and Ali Quincannon started restoration on a 30 year old organic apple orchard and have turned it into a fermentation haven. The family has 700 apple trees they’ve dedicated to organic agriculture, eschewing chemical pesticides or fertilizers and working with the support of compost teas to boost nutrition and the chickens who snack on harmful insects.

Assam Black Chai Tea, Chai Wallah’s

Maine locals Leigh Tillman and Ruthie Ellis began with a chai stand at Maine’s Common Ground Country Fair, a huge get-together sharing all things Maine food and agriculture. Today, they’re loved by locals and those from away who indulge in their black assam and rooibos blends. We love it so much, it’s the chai we use for our shop lattes, always in stock.

Dehydrated Sourdough Starter, Maine Grains

Making your own sourdough has never been easier than with this dried sourdough starter, made by trusted local institution, Skowhegan-based Maine Grains. Their focus on milling nutrient-rich organic and heritage grains has instilled them into the hearts of many local bakers and chefs, including our own pastry program. Just rehydrate the starter, follow the instructions for feeding, and you’re ready to make a variety of sourdough creations.

Kombu Seaweed, Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Co.

Five to ten miles offshore a remote island in Maine’s Penobscot Bay, Michael Woodcock uses the lunar cycle to guide his seaweed harvesting, picking up wild seaweed in the rough ocean waters. Committed to sustainability, Woodcock takes meticulous notes and prides himself on knowing the area well, understanding what qualifies as sustainable harvest, and when he should leave the nutritious plants in place. This kombu is packed with Maine ocean flavor and contains the most nutrition (iodine, trace minerals, sodium alginate) compared to any of their other seaweeds.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Sewall’s

Linconville based Sewall’s Orchard has been a fixture in the Maine organic apple scene, planted in 1980. Farmer Bob Sewall has been a dedicated proponent of organic farming and non-pasteurization, working without the help of additives. You can taste the passion of Bob’s work—this apple cider vinegar is bursting with flavor, perfect for dressings, shrubs, or anywhere you want to add a little lift. In 2022, Sewall’s Orchard was certified a Forever Farm by the Maine Farmland Trust, meaning the land will retain its agricultural focus for eternity.

Apple Butter, McIntosh Farm

McIntosh Farms celebrates, you guessed it, the McIntosh apple! Madison-based North Star Orchards was started in the 1800s. Today’s owners, Everett and Judy Dimock, use Integrated Crop Management to work their trees, focusing on conserving resources to make delicious apple products. Cozy spices, tart flavor, and a hint of sweetness, this apple butter is perfect for oatmeal, topping baked goods, or a simple toast. 

Mushroom Ale Vinegar, West Maquoit Vinegar Works

Umami-rich and earthy, West Maquoit’s mushroom ale vinegar is made with Black Pug Brewing’s mushroom scotch ale and locally-foraged black trumpet mushrooms. It’s a mushroom bonanza, pairing beautifully with dishes that could use an earthy hit with a bit of lift. West Maquoit’s creativity and connection to their local producers allows them to create many different kinds of vinegars. They work with local farmers and brewers to infuse Maine’s agriculture into every vinegar they make.

The Deep: Black Garlic Date Concentrate, Rhea

It’s an umami-bomb! Slowly fermented (three to six months!) black garlic, dates, chestnuts, balsamic vinegar, and tamari make up the blend of this concentrate. Add it to sauces, marinades, stews. It’s a secret ingredient that adds major depth and makes everything taste just a bit more rich. Abbye Churchill makes Rhea products out of coastal Camden, Maine—a beautiful addition to our local selection of products.

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