Onggi Staff Picks

| Written by The Onggi Team!, photos by Jess D'Amelio
Onggi Staff Picks

We’re always asked what our very favorite products are on the shelves, and naturally, it feels impossible to pick just one. But we put our thinking caps on, and each of us managed to narrow it down to one product we just can’t live without. Whether you’re shopping for friends and family or having a TYM (treat yourself moment), you can’t go wrong with our staff picks.


Sonoko sesame butter cookie mix is one of my go-tos. All of my favorite things mixed into the cutest package—sesame, Sonoko’s legendary curry powder, and baking cookies! The curry powder feels like a secret ingredients that adds just the right hint of yummy warming spices. This kit makes holiday baking easy peasy and is fun project for yourself or to share with a friend.”


“The Yamaroku Tsuru Bishio soy sauce changed me. It’s rich with a huge depth of flavor, but doesn’t come off as too salty. This soy sauce is brewed in the traditional style using huge Japanese wooden barrels called kioke, which have been the vessel of choice for over 100 years! All that good bacteria and yeast in the barrel allows for consistent fermentation and flavor in the soy sauce. It adds richness to any sauce or is the perfect standalone drizzle on rice or noodle dishes. Once you try Yamaroku, you won’t be able to look at soy sauce the same way again. It’s a desert island staple.”


Kettl's Houjicha powder is a roasted green tea that serves up a nutty, toasty, and decadent latte. Houjicha is a malty and earthy daily delight. Lower in caffeine than matcha, this powder is my favorite go-to afternoon treat, especially when paired with a sourdough chocolate chip cookie.”


Masienda’s Masa Harina is a game changer! With it, you’re minutes away from some of the most tender, delicious tortillas you’ve ever had. You can really taste the quality of Masienda’s heirloom corn, which is sourced from small farms in Oaxaca and milled in small batches. The possibilities for this masa are endless, but breakfast tacos are my go-to. Top with your fave chili crisp!”


“With flavor labs at each cacao origin Tcho’s sourcing and production is done with care and transparency. The quality of Tcho is what makes their chocolate addicting. Be warned, once you taste the real deal you can’t go back! Perfect for drinking, baking, and drizzling on sweet treats.

We sell the Tcho Hawt Chocolate Drinking Chocolate bags and also use it in our new hot chocolate in the cafe which can be served with tamari whipped cream! Also Tcho chocolate is vegan so vegan hot chocolate is also available!”


Onino Chili Crisp! can you still refer to it as a condiment when you eat it by the spoonful? This smokey, spicy, seedy, crunchy creation was truly love at first bite. A perfectly balanced mix of smoky and fruity chilies, frizzled garlic and shallots, toasted sesame seeds and Marcona almonds that compliments almost any savory dish. Of all the chili crisps I’ve tried, Onino reigns supreme!”


“My shop fave is Super Magic Taste chili crisp! It’s my ideal condiment for everything- eggs, veggies, rice, or mixed into dips and dressings! It’s the perfect level of spice for those of us who can’t take too much heat but want to load it on! It’s my super magic umami bomb dream sauce!!!”


“I love the veg shirodashi! It's a simple ingredient that can subtly upgrade a meal, especially as we transition into wintry soupy season! it's light enough to just be a dish finisher (like sautéed veg, cooked fish or an already made broth) but the umami is crazy! I think the salty, sweet and umami combo is perfect, and especially tasty if you're veggie because it can be hard to find a good fish-free dashi out there.”


“Our onggi crew socks are my pick for sure. There are few pleasures in life greater than the comfort of your favorite pair of socks. Soothingly smooth, sufficiently snug, supportingly supple. They start my day fueled with fermenty fervor!”

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