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Onino Chili Crisp

8 oz  •  Onino
Smoky, crunchy, nutty, and sooo addictive. Light on the heat, heavy on the flavor and texture. Can't stop eating it!!
Oil, chilies, marcona almonds, shallots, garlic, sesame seeds, coconut sugar, Maldon salt

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We love it!

Pile it on!

We're nuts for Onino! Marcona almonds make this chili crisp truly stand out from the crowd. You can (and should) eat it by the spoonful!

About the Maker




Cristy-Lucie dreamed up ONINO in February 2021, during her first year of motherhood. She set out with the goal of creating a thoughtful and delicious pantry condiment and landed “on a mishmosh of Chinese chili crisp and Mexican salsa macha that you can load on with confidence and glee.” We couldn’t agree more!
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