Assam Black Chai Tea

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Assam Black Chai Tea

Chai tea made here in Maine. Makes 30 cups of spicy warmth and love. A blanket of flavor we also feature at our shop!

Assam black tea, spices

We love it!

Our chai of choice, served at our Food Counter.

We've been long-time fans of this locally made chai, so of course we had to serve it at our Food Counter.

The aroma, color, texture, flavor reach out of the cup to embrace your senses. Every sip has us longing for another.

About the Maker

Chai Wallahs of Maine

Chai Wallahs of Maine

Chai Wallahs of Maine


Leigh Tillman & Ruthie Ellis began serving their chai at Maine's Common Ground Fair in 2009 - with the aim to bring people together over tea, a sweet moment to pause and enjoy.

Their chai has done exactly that, and we're so thrilled to serve their chai at the Onggi Food Counter!

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