Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi

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Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi

Is there any better book in the world? A nostalgic story about making kimchi with Halmi (grandma), by Maine's own Jill Lee!

We love it!

A fun intro into kimchi-making

Where do we even begin... this book's story of making kimchi with grandma feels just like a nostalgic ride through childhood. We love love love what Jill's done here!

Read through and try the kimchi recipe. It's great for going through the process!

About the Maker

Jill Lee

Jill Lee

Jill Lee


Jill Lee is an author and illustrator - the mastermind behind one of our fave books: Little Sunny! Her fun stories share the experiences of so many and we can't say how excited we are to have Jill here in Maine. Lucky us!

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