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Marsh Ruby Grapefruit Shrub

12.7 fl oz  •  INNA

A little sweet, a little bitter, and a whole lot of tart grapefruity goodness.

(P.S. INNA recommends mixing 1 part shrub with 5-6 parts sparkling water.)

Organic marsh ruby grapefruit (grown in Thermal, California), organic unrefined cane sugar, organic white wine vinegar

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We love it!

Takin' it slooooow

INNA spends a month—a MONTH!—infusing their grapefruit zest syrup, so you know they're not messing around with flavor.

Marsh Ruby grapefruits are aromatic, sweet, and slightly floral with a gorgeously balanced flavor that's low in acidity while still plenty tangy.

About the Maker




INNA founder Dafna has been creating joyful jams in the Bay Area since 2010. Her jams and shrubs are made with local, organic fruit and taste like the freshly picked fruit from which they're made. Each jar is a time capsule of flavor!
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