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Black Mission Fig Shrub

12.7 fl oz  •  INNA

Fantastic fig shrub that goes perfect with a little bit of herbal garnish! Slightly tart, sweet, and savory this one's got it all.

(P.S. INNA recommends mixing 1 part shrub with 5-6 parts sparkling water.)

Organic apple cider vinegar, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic black mission figs

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We love it!

A warm afternoon in the Mediterranean!

This shrub is steeped with fig flavor, transporting you to a warm day on the Mediterranean. It’s jammy with a hit of acid and rich sweetness. Perfect mixed into some sparkling water with an herbal garnish, or even mixed with your favorite spirit or non-alc as an excellent anytime bev.

About the Maker




INNA founder Dafna has been creating joyful jams in the Bay Area since 2010. Her jams and shrubs are made with local, organic fruit and taste like the freshly picked fruit from which they're made. Each jar is a time capsule of flavor!
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