Wood-fired Crock - 4 gallon

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Wood-fired Crock - 4 gallon

These wood-fired crocks from Pottery Farm in Knox, ME are not just breathtaking works of art — they're super useful, too! Ferment to your heart's content with these ample four-gallon vessels.

Available in grey, blue, and green. Because of their handmade nature, variations in color and pattern will occur!

We love it!

Ferment in style!

Make one-of-a-kind ferments in a one-of-a-kind vessel. Pottery Farm's wood firing process adds a unique touch to every crock.

These crocks can also hold a looot, making it easy to ferment in large batches. Plus, the water well makes sure to keep out oxygen and pests!

About the Maker

Pottery Farm

Pottery Farm

Pottery Farm


Fermentation fanatics Jeff and Dani Butler began their raspberry farm and pottery business in 2017. They use a wood-fired kiln (that they built themselves!) to fire all their beautiful creations, making each piece of pottery one-of-a-kind.

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