Umeboshi Plums

Umeboshi Plums

4.5 oz  •  Yume Boshi
An everyday salty pickle to accompany any meal, these plums have a floral stonefruit aroma that makes our tastebuds sing!
Ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves

We love it!

Rich, satisfying, and healthful pickles

Sometimes all you need is a hot bowl of rice and an umeboshi pickle. Take a little nibble of the ume and enjoy the complexities along with a bite of rice. Salivating just thinking about it!

You can also have a bit of umeboshi along with any rich dish like ramen or a roast. The acid and floral aroma plays a fun game with deep flavors!

About the Maker

Yume Boshi

Yumé Boshi

Yume Boshi


Ayako Iino champions the art of Japanese preserved food making with the best produce California has to offer.

After having studied in rural Japan (with the best teachers: grandmothers) and a culinary journey include Chez Panisse, Ayako channeled herself into the joys of Japanese preserved foods with Yumé Boshi in 2013.

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