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Sweet Potato, Carrot & Coriander Vinegar

The best parts of a roast all in a single place! Drizzle on whatever you got goin' on in the oven for a nostalgic brightness!!
Sweet potato, carrot & coriander vinegar

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We love it!

Two years of fermentation experimentation

This vinegar starts with a sweet potato and carrot wine that's made using enzymes, wild yeast, and bacteria. Orange juice and zest, golden raisins, and coriander seeds offer an herbaceous, fruity, slightly nutty flavor.

About the Maker

West Maquoit Vinegar Works

West Maquoit Vinegar Works

West Maquoit Vinegar Works


Brad Messier makes some of the tastiest and most interesting vinegars you'll find just about anywhere - and they're made right here in our backyard.

Brad brews his uniquely delicious vinegars in Brunswick, relying on foraged ingredients when possible and more importantly, local beer.

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