Sunflower Seed Chili Crisp

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Sunflower Seed Chili Crisp

6 oz  •  Chili Cheeks

We can't get enough of this!! Sunflower chili crisp has that sunny nuttiness and spicy bite we're always craving. Perfection in a jar!

Grape seed oil, organic sunflower seeds, tianjin red chilis, garlic, shallot, ginger, cumin, ancho chili, guajillo chili, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, red prickly ash

We love it!

Hot nuttiness!

We keep grabbing for this jar over and over. The nuttiness of sunflower seeds mixed with peppers and alliums got us totally hooked!

Almost unbelievably delish on fried rice, or really whatever savory dish you got goin' on. Pairs excellently with naughty natto!!

About the Maker

Chili Cheeks

Chili Cheeks

Chili Cheeks


Keep it cheeky! Chili Cheeks champions all things Sichuan. Their sunflower seed chili crisp is irresistible with its nutty profile and zingy bite. We are practically drinking that stuff!

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