Sarah's Sourdough is a seasonal symphony of starter. Her writing (and classes) inspired us to take up the delicious, nutritious, and rewarding ferment!


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We love it!

Our go-to book for sourdough

The way Sarah talks about sourdough (or really anything) gets us so excited. Sourdough walks through season-inspired recipes with a voice that sounds like a familiar song. We love Sarah!

Try the honey spelt and oat loaf. It's approachable and rewarding for new and not-so-new sourdough savants!

About the Maker

Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens


Where do we start? Sarah Owens is a James Beard award winning cookbook author and inspiring baker. Her approach got us so excited about sourdough we couldn't resist jumping in head-first. She is our hero.

Sarah's familiarity with grains, spices, and foods overflows - and we're so grateful for her!

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