Snow Chrysanthemum Kombucha

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Snow Chrysanthemum Kombucha

750 ml  •  Unified Ferments

UF makes the most luscious botanical ferments!  Their Snow Chrysanthemum Kombucha is floral, bright, and verdant with subtle acidity.

Filtered water, honey, kombucha starter, snow chrysanthemum flowers

We love it!

Meet Snow Chrysanthemum

This hardy and nutritionally dense species of chrysanthemum spends much of its life buried beneath the snow in China’s Kunlun Mountain region. Because of the climate in which it grows, the flower's flavor is a departure from that of regular Chrysanthemum, instead offering a luxurious warmth with notes of honey. As it develops, Snow Chrysanthemum tea takes on notes of starfruit, shaved asparagus, and bee pollen, giving it the body and juiciness of an orange wine.

About the Maker

Unified Ferments

Unified Ferments

Unified Ferments

Since 2019, the kombucha connesieurs at UF have been creating heavenly ferments with the finest teas out there. This Brooklyn-based company exists at the intersection of two spheres of culinary wisdom: tea production and fermentation.

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