Rye Soy Sauce

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Rye Soy Sauce

150 ml  •  Moromi

Moromi's rye soy sauce is a thing of magic! Made with organic soybeans and locally-grown Abruzzi rye that's been lightly roasted to caramelized perfection.

Water, soybeans, rye, salt, koji

We love it!

American shoyu royalty

This is that shoyu you bring home to meet your mom. Moromi's got a special thing going, brewing small-batch soy sauce here in the states. Their shoyu koji, sourced from Japan, has been meticulously developed for its rich flavor and color. Complex, deep, and downright divine: we can't get enough!

About the Maker





Bob Florence uses his experience training in Japan to make deep and rich shoyus here in the US.

His inventive additions of moromi-based hot sauces have us buzzin'. Umami overload!

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