Qi Dan Kombucha

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Qi Dan Kombucha

750 ml  •  Unified Ferments

This unique ferment uses an oolong tea that's been nicknamed "mystery red." Tangy and savory with a slight spice, Qi Dan has notes of plum and resinous hardwoods!

Sparkling water, sugar, kombucha starter, Qi Dan tea

We love it!

We're all about oolong!

Cultivated in China's Wuyi Mountain region, Qi Dan tea lends a volcanic minerality to this booch and pairs well with rich, deep, and savory foods. Enjoy as you would a chilled red, and be sure to allow Qi Dan to breathe to experience its full depth of expression!

About the Maker

Unified Ferments

Unified Ferments

Unified Ferments

Since 2019, the kombucha connesieurs at UF have been creating heavenly ferments with the finest teas out there. This Brooklyn-based company exists at the intersection of two spheres of culinary wisdom: tea production and fermentation.

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