Pure Rice Vinegar

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Pure Rice Vinegar

500 ml  •  Iio Jozo
The holy grail of rice vinegar! Made by legendary Japanese vinegar makers who grow their own rice, ferment it into sake, and then ferment the sake into incredulous vinegar. Uses 5x the amount of rice typically found in rice vinegars.
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We love it!

Iio Jozo makes the BEST rice vin

You know when you taste something that ruins everything else forever? Iio Jozo rice vinegar is that. Made with a process that uses 5x more rice than normal rice vinegars, this vin is a flavorful delight.

We throw this into literally everything. Salads, roasts, dressings, stews (actually everything) all start to look like perfect places for a little splash of the good stuff.

About the Maker

Iio Jozo

Iio Jozo

Iio Jozo


Akihiro Iio is the 5th-generation legendary rice vinegar maker in Japan, nestled along the coastline and making their products for over 120 years.

Iio Jozo grows their own rice along with local farmers, ferments the rice into sake, and ferments that again into the most mind-blowing rice vinegar. Their vinegar uses anywhere from 5-10x the amount of rice most vinegars use, and the flavor is unlike any other! 

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