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Onggi Fermentation Crock - Chartreuse

0.75 gallon  •  Onggi
Our very own fermentation crocks! Holds about 0.75 gallons with a water well airlock. This lil one has a fun Onggi-green glaze!

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We love it!

The most perfectest fermentation crocks!

We're SO SO excited about these crocks! Designed by our bud Troy Yoshimoto and made out of porcelain by C&M Ceramics in Scarborough, ME, these lil crocks are everything we could ever want. Also works perfectly with our half-moon fermentation weights.

Ferment freely with no fear! The airlock keeps oxygen out while letting gas out. We hope you love using it as much as we do!

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Hey! That's us. We're a team of fermentation fans, passionate about making the benefits more approachable and accessible. Just think of us as your fermentation friends!

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