Miso Caramel Sundae Sauce

A delectable sweet-n-savory caramel made with chickpea miso! Gluten and soy-free.

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We love it!

Ain't no party like a sundae party!

You'll be drizzling this sundae sauce with abandon any day of the week. It's the perfect balance of sweet, silky caramel and rich, savory miso.

We love it on ice cream (duh!), but this sauce shines in any dessert—miso caramel apple pie, sticky toffee pudding, blondies... you name it.

About the Maker

Sugarpine Drive-In

Sugarpine Drive-In

Sugarpine Drive-In

Located in Troutdale, Oregon, Sugarpine founders Emily Cafazzo and Ryan Domingo have been dreaming up inventive twists on drive-in faves since 2018. Their shelf-stable sundae sauces have since taken the world by storm, including our fave miso caramel sauce.
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