Green Widow Chili Flakes

Green Widow Chili Flakes

0.5 oz  •  Poor Devil Pepper Co
Fermented pepper flakes from our fave fermented hot sauce team. Flakes with the firey funk!
Jalapenos, garlic, cumin, lime

We love it!

Flavorful pepper flakes but make it fermented!

The Poor Devil team keeps bringing the fire. Their fermented hot sauces also have fermented pepper flakes - and they've got that funky profile we love.

Top off your 'za with these fermenty flakes. They're also splendid in a summery soup. Or really anything that could use a bit of a green kick!

About the Maker

Poor Devil Pepper Co

Poor Devil Pepper Co

Poor Devil Pepper Co


Laura Webster & Jared Schwartz are making some fermenty fire. We loooove what they're doing with local peppers and fermentation magic. Can't get enough!

All of their products are naturally fermented, made with organic produce, and intended to embody PMA - Positive Mental Attitude!!

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