Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce

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Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce

5 oz  •  Empress Hot Sauce

Empress' signature naturally fermented Taiwanese hot sawce, but with a hit of ghost and maqaw peppers! Floral and fruity for a bright zing.

Sweet potato, distilled white vinegar, filtered water, onion, aged ghost pepper (ghost pepper, salt), grapefruit juice, organic agave nectar, empress' select aged peppers (Taiwan chili peppers, salt), garlic, salt, lime juice, maqaw pepper, xanthan gum

We love it!

Naturally fermented Taiwanese hot sauces!

Empress naturally ferments hot sauces from Taiwanese ingredients for a creative twist on our most beloved condiment! Lovely balance of body and acid makes it perfect for anything!!

We love these sauces in our go-to hot sauce vehicles: sandos, fried rice, eggs. And they're also amazing on baked potatoes and roasted veggies!

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