Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil

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Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil

6 oz  •  Dong He
As if ginger couldn't get any better! Try frizzled ginger in a bath of black sesame oil. A little teaspoon can add that savory kick to any dish.
100% cold-pressed black sesame oil, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, rock sugar, alanine, maltodextrin, mushroom extract

We love it!

Just a touch elevates everything

With just little touch of this specialty oil, and your cooking will take on a whole new level!

We love it on stir-fried veggies or drizzled over rice in a nabe pot along with scallops. Or slather on chicken wings for the grill!

About the Maker

Dong He

Dong He

Dong He


Grace Huang runs the 100+ year old operation at Dong He, making oils and condiments on most of the same machinery as when they first started. They roast their sesame seeds and cold-press them to make the finest and most flavorful oils!

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