Fermented Garlic Scape Pickle

6.8 oz  •  Atina Foods
Uncertified organic NY grown garlic scapes, salt, fenugreek, mustard seed, asafoetida, Burlap and Barrel’s bird’s eye chili

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We love it!

The ultimate pickle.

There's a reason why we toot the garlic scape horn so much. It's everything you could want in a pickle. Garlicky, cronchy, and deeply fermented.

Atina took garlic scape pickles and added their Ayurvedic approach. The blend of spices are complex, balanced, and enriching.

These jars never last very long, making for the perfect side to your meal. Or slice up onto a sando. Or for a fun take, use in place of regular garlic in your favorite recipes!

About the Maker

Atina Foods

Atina Foods

Atina Foods


Carrie and Suresh are the team behind Atina Foods—inspired by Suresh's upbringing in Kerala, South India, the ancestral home of Ayurveda.

Every product is handcrafted to balance the 6 basic tastes classified in Ayurveda—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent—to create a unique, complex taste that is both delicious and nourishing.

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