Half-moon Earthenware Fermentation Weights

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Half-moon Earthenware Fermentation Weights

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A pair of half-moon ferment weights sized to fit in your fave crocks. Made of earthenware... the same stuff in onggis!

We love it!

They're earthenware! And perfect for your crocks!!

These weights were designed by our good friend (and incredible designer), Troy Yoshimoto, then made locally here at C&M Ceramics. We're so excited about using earthenware for them - the same material that goes into onggis!

These weights are designed for crocks, so use 'em in your next ferment and they'll keep ya grounded.

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Hey! That's us. We're a team of fermentation fans, passionate about making the benefits more approachable and accessible. Just think of us as your fermentation friends!

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