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Amaro Falso

200 ml  •  St. Agrestis
St. Agrestis' Amaro Falso is a non-alcoholic follow-up to their award-winning Amaro, launched in 2014— and the first Amaro ever made in New York City! Similar in taste to an Amaro Highball, these babies come individually portioned and ready to drink.
Water, sugar, natural flavors, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate

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Citrus and Spices and Herbs — Oh my!

Just like its predecessor, Amaro Falso is made from TWENTY herbs, spices, flowers, roots, seeds, and citrus. St. Agrestis individually macerates each ingredient in cane distillate then blends together all twenty tinctures. This magical melange is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for sixteen weeks to ensure a complex and balanced flavor with a hint of toasted vanilla from the oak.

About the Maker

St. Agrestis

St. Agrestis

St. Agrestis

Founded by brothers Louis & Matt Catizone and their longtime friend Steven DeAngelo, St. Agrestis is a Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based distillery specializing in all things negroni. They not only developed the award-winning Phony Negroni but are the first to produce Amaro in NYC!
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