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Sweet Yuzu Vinegar

150 ml  •  Cabi

Cabi's Sweet Yuzu Vinegar is downright delightful! Rice vinegar infused with tangy, bright citrus.

Vinegar, sugar, yuzu peel, salt

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We love it!

Yuzu peel adds a zesty zing

This sweet vin is ideal for marinades, dressings, and more! Cabi incorporates yuzu peel into their product, giving it a lovely texture and a bonus bite of flavor.

About the Maker




We're excited to introduce Cabi, a bangin' brand with a simple yet powerful mission. Founders Eri and Miki are on a mission to share the beauty and simplicity of Japanese home cooking with the world.

The name "Cabi" is derived from the Japanese word for mold (カビ). They believe in the transformative power of fermentation, and they want to share this with everyone they can (sound familiar?). Through their products, Cabi aims to help people discover the flavors and health benefits of Japanese fermented foods.

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