Pot To Go Tumbler - Kombu Green

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Pot To Go Tumbler - Kombu Green

12 oz  •  Onggi

Our favorite Kinto tumblers, but make it Onggi! Secure sippy lid that keeps drinks hot or cold all day long. They are perfect!! Holds 12oz.

We love it!

We take our Kinto tumblers everywhere!

Super slick & easy sippy spout to catch ice or slow down steamy liquids. They're durable, sooo useful, and pretty darn cute!

Obvi, the best thing for these tumblers is a nice matcha from our cafe, but truly put whatever you want in there! Hot drinks stay hot, cold drinks stay cold... and they can hold umami broth too!!

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Hey! That's us. We're a team of fermentation fans, passionate about making the benefits more approachable and accessible. Just think of us as your fermentation friends!

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