Patch Shorts - Vintage Green

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Patch Shorts - Vintage Green

Soft and comfy (somfty?) sweat shorts, made here in the US of A. Scrunchy waistline + just the right length + fuzzy Onggi patch = your new go-to pants!

Size chart:

  • S: 28" waist, 6" inseam
  • M: 30" waist, 6.25" inseam
  • L: 32" waist, 6.5" inseam
  • XL: 34" waist, 6.75" inseam
100% cotton

We love it!

Comfy, chic, and COOL!

Okay, you know that we at Onggi take our comfy pants quite seriously. These super soft heavy weight sweat shorts are made in the ol' USA with a scrunchy waistband. YEP.

Great for strolls along Eastern Prom, picnics at Two Lights, or hangin' at Onggi (of course). Plus, they are just deliiightful for solid sofa action at home!

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Hey! That's us. We're a team of fermentation fans, passionate about making the benefits more approachable and accessible. Just think of us as your fermentation friends!

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