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Worcestershire Sauce

375 ml  •  Keepwell

The famous worcestershire sauce out of Keepwell, perfected over years. We're lucky to have a limited supply to share!

Malt vinegar, soy sauce mash, sorghum molasses, apricots, persimmons, fermented oysters, peppers, lemons, spicebush berries

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We love it!

A lil sweet, a lil sour, a lil dry, and super savory.

The pinnacle of Keepwell's vast variety of vinegars and made entirely from mid-Atlantic ingredients, the worcestershire sauce is a complex character born for the spotlight.

One of our favorite uses for worcestershire? Bloody Mary's and Micheladas. The sauce adds the bass notes along with the tomato and spices to really make it all sing.

But really, it can be used in almost any savory application. You might be surprised how often you'll want to add it to your next dish.

About the Maker





Sarah Conezio & Isaiah Billington are two former pastry chefs, who turned their sweet attention towards making delish vinegars.

Since opening Keepwell, they've also expanded with White Rose Misos. We can't wait to see what they'll do next!

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