Fish Hat

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Fish Hat

One size  •  Onggi x Ty Williams
A fishy dad hat designed by our bud, Ty Williams! Tonal blues for that subdued swag. Portions of sales go to supporting Ty!!

We love it!

Ty is the best!

We're huuuuge fans of Ty Williams' work, so we're thrilled to have been blessed by his sweetness.

We just couldn't resist a good comfy dad cap. Perfect for fishin' or for fish saucin'!!

About the Maker

Onggi x Ty Williams

Onggi x Ty Williams

Onggi x Ty Williams

Our bud Ty Williams is a dreamy local designer and fellow natto-aficionado!! We're big time fans of all of Ty's work and can't believe we've had the honor of putting together a handful of Onggi pieces together.

You've probably seen Ty's work around and we're STOKED to add to the collection. Thanks so much, Ty!

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