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Strawberry Italian Plum Rosewater Jam

6 oz  •  V Smiley
Strawberry, plums, rosewater? And the jam is made from honey instead of sugar? A luscious flavor without overpowering sweetness.
Late season plums, organic strawberries, honey, lemon juice, rose water

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We love it!

Delicate, airy, ephemeral.

V Smiley uses honey to make her V Smiley Preserves, and the results have us buzzin'. We're obsessed with the complexity of honey flavor, balanced with the nectar of fruits and their delicate pairings.

This flavor is a soft breeze in a late summer garden. The delicate hint of rose, dancing across the petals of berry bushes. A juicy bite of plum. The warm sun peering through the leaves...

About the Maker

V Smiley

V Smiley

V Smiley


V Smiley found her way back to her family farm, impassioned to make preserves with honey instead of refined sugar.

Now, along with her partner and mother, V is preserving beautiful fruit and botanicals from the bounty of Vermont.

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