Traditional Umami Dashi

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Traditional Umami Dashi

150 g  •  Kuze Fuku & Sons
An all-purpose seasoning made with carefully-selected ingredients, including bonito that's been dried and smoked for one month. Contains fifteen 8g packets.
Dextrin, dried bonito, salt, dried bonito shavings, soy sauce powder (wheat, soybeans, oxidized starch, seed malt), sugar, yeast extract (yeast, sweet potato, tapioca, corn, potato), fermented seasoning (fish sauce, soy sauce, water), dried mackerel, dried sardine, dried kelp, dried flying fish

We love it!

All about that base!

Kuze Fuku & Sons' dashi is sooo full of possibilities. Use this tasty seasoning to make the perfect cup of miso soup, or let your imagination run wild. Use dashi broth in your next batch of kimchi for an extra umami boost!

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