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Tea Flower Kombucha Vinegar

375 mL  •  Yesfolk

The Yesfolk team has done it again! We're obsessed with their kombucha and vinegars, and the tea flower vin is nice a mellow from their wood-aging process. Notes of dried fruit and chrysanthemum.

Tea flower kombucha vinegar

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We love it!

Wood-aged kombucha turned into wood-aged vinegar

There's nothing the Yesfolk team we don't love! The most balanced, scrumptious, and flavor-packed stuff. Wood-barreled with plenty of love!

Kombucha vinegars are amazing for making pickles, roast marinades, and diluted for drinking shrubs. Use it on anything!

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We are obsesssed with the lovely team from Yesfolk! Their barrel-fermented kombuchas are some of our shop faves, keeping us fueled and feeling free. A love for local ingredients and their Mexican & Egyptian heritage flows through every gulp!

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