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SZE Daddy Chili Sauce

6 oz  •  886
Super savory and super spicy, this heavenly creation from 886 draws inspiration from málà (a seasoning made from  Sichuan peppercorn and chili) and Taiwanese sha-cha sauce.
Canola oil, scallion, garlic, dried chili, Xiaomi chili, Sichuan pepper, Korean chili powder, sesame, sugar, salt, MSG, star anise

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Turn up the heat

This chili sauce is truly something from a spice lover's wildest dreams. But what's so special about Sze Daddy is that it's as savory and flavorful as it is spicy. Venture beyond the realm of dumplings and noodles and let your imagination go wild!

About the Maker




886 founders Eric Sze and Andy Chuang opened their East Village eatery in 2018 as a beautiful marriage of Tawainese culinary culture and American modernization. Their  Sze Daddy Chili Sauce draws inspiration from Taiwanese sha-cha sauce, as well as from Chef Eric's Sichuan heritage.
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