Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains

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Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains

420 ml  •  Yu Ding Xing

A savory & satisfying paste perfect for any stir-fry or steamed veggies! Loaded with rice-y and soy-y umami flavors, this lil guy has it all!

Water, black soybean, Taiwanese rice, sea salt, sugar (gluten free)

We love it!

A go-to sauce for any dish

This soy paste has all the right notes to add to whatever you're orchestrating on the stove. A little sweet and super savory, the deep umami complements and enhances it all. It's a flavor crescendo!

Okay, sorry about that pun... but we're that excited about this sauce! Try it and you'll get it. We use it with everything! Our favorite is simple steamed veggies slathered with a bit of this sauce.

About the Maker

Yu Ding Xing

Yu Ding Xing

Yu Ding Xing


3rd-generation soy sauce makers, Yu Ding Xing makes the good stuff the way we dream of: traditional terracotta pots. Long-fermented, their sauces are deep and rich, using only their own black soybeans.

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