Sea Salt Tin

Sea Salt Tin

0.5 oz  •  Maine Salt Farm

The same Maine Salt Farm magic, but now pocket-sized! Now we'll never need to be without our very favorite.

Solar dried sea salt (no iodine added)

We love it!

Never be without Maine sea salt again

We can't express how much we love this salt. It's just sea salt, but that's exactly what makes it so so special. Chris and Maine Salt Farm bring the splendid spirit of Maine's sea into each sprinkle of salt.

It sounds weird but this salt doesn't taste salty; it just makes everything taste better. Finish all your dishes with it. We do. It's the crown jewel on our sourdough chocolate chip cookies!

About the Maker

Maine Salt Farm

Maine Salt Farm

Maine Salt Farm


We're always so inspired by Maine Salt Farm. The family-run double duos Chris & Eliza Rauscher and Chris & Billie Cary capture the purest essence of the pristine Gulf of Maine: just clean ocean water and sun.

Not only is the salt incredibly tasty, the team is also committed to sustainability in their business practices and communities. For more information about them, their values, and process, check out the Maine Salt Farm website!

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