Sambal Evie

Sambal Evie

9 oz  •  Cash Only

This scrumptious sambal pays homage to Cash Only's Mother Evie and her experience growing up in Medan, Indonesia. Medium-level spice.


Red bell peppers, grapeseed oil, shallots, fresno peppers, lemongrass, habanero peppers, sugar, lime juice, sea salt, belacan powder [shrimp, rice flour, salt, water], makrut lime leaves, apple cider vinegar, gochugaru chili flakes, lime zest, citric acid.

We love it!


This Indonesian-style sambal packs a delicious punch. It's sweet and spicy, tangy and funky. The complex umami is a gorgeous blend of LA and Indonesian flavors. Use this all-purpose paste while cooking up your fave noodles, or add it as a finishing touch to your morning scramble.

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