Black Garlic Bulbs

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Black Garlic Bulbs

4 oz  •  Quarter Moon Farm

Local garlic fermented to a deep, rich, and sweet transformation. Spreadable and sultry. Who knew garlic could get even better?

Certified organic black garlic

We love it!

Gives that base level oomph.

Okay, so black garlic is this insanely simple transformation of garlic bulbs after a long warm sauna-esque ferment. The result is a dark, chewy, and deeply rich flavor with a little sweetness and without the spicy bite. It's fermentation alchemy at its most magical.

Black garlic can be used in so many things. Spread on sourdough toast. Mix into fried rice. Chop up into pasta sauce. Blend into a mayo. Experiment and enjoy!

About the Maker

Quarter Moon Farm

Quarter Moon Farm

Quarter Moon Farm


Cindy & Marcel Collard grow garlic organically and found a way to make it even better. Their black garlic is sweet, rich, and so much fun - plus, it's super nutritious. Doesn't really get better than this!

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