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Oro Blanco Vinegar

375 ml  •  TART Vinegar
This beautifully vibrant vinegar from TART features oro blanco, a less acidic and less bitter relative of the grapefuit.
Water, sugar, yeast, vinegar mother, oro blanco

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We love it!

Tantalizingly tangy.

Bright yet subtle, TART founder Chris recommends adding a splash of oro blanco vinegar to a glass of water for a fresh start to your morning, and we wholeheartedly agree! Use this vinegar in more traditional ways, like dressings or marinades, or play around and get funky! Once you get a taste of this liquid gold, you'll never want to put the bottle down.

About the Maker

TART Vinegar

TART Vinegar

TART Vinegar

Since 2019, Brooklyn-based fermenting mastermind Chris Crawford has been crafting deliciously creative raw vinegars in small batches. Unlike other highly processed vinegars, TART vinegars are unpasteurized and made with traditional methods, featuring unique flavors you can't find anywhere else.
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