Kimchi Kit

14 oz  â€¢  Onggi

Everything you need to make your own kimchi at home. Just add your favorite vegetables. Every kit comes with a recipe card too!

Gochugaru, soy sauce, fish sauce, salted shrimp, dried anchovies

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We love it!

Homemade kimchi is so easy - and delicious.

Homemade kimchi is the best - and it isn't hard. We promise! This is our kit for everything you'll need, except your fav veggies.

Just toss everything in here with your salted veggies and ferment in a jar (or even better: an onggi). Watch as it comes to life and transforms to everybody's favorite ferment. YUM!

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Hey! That's us. We're a team of fermentation fans, passionate about making the benefits more approachable and accessible. Just think of us as your fermentation friends!

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